Radio Station Breakdowns

A Breakdown Of Advertising On Perth Radio Stations

Are you looking to do some radio advertising? Great! Radio is an amazingly powerful medium that allows you to connect with a wide variety of audiences. For almost a whole century, radio has been going strong and it has managed to stand the test of time for good reason.

Once you’ve decided to start advertising on radio, the key question becomes “what station/s will I advertise on?” This is a potentially overwhelming question to ask. In Perth, there are quite a few different radio stations, all with their own audiences.

Choosing the right radio station(s) to advertise on can be a tricky thing to do. Ultimately, you want to choose the ones that are going to sync up well with your target audience and give you the best chance of getting you some business. All radio stations attract a different audience to one another, so the real challenge is knowing which radio stations attract which people.

Thankfully for you, we’ve done this job for you. We wanted to give you a snapshot of the demographics of the various radio stations in Perth.

92.9 Triple M

Triple M is largely a younger station; it’s all about rock, sport and comedy. In terms of demographics, they are listened to disproportionately by Gen X males. They have syndicated network programmes from 3pm, and are an alternate station for AFL coverage.

Because of this, they are a great station for advertising products/services for a younger audience. You will often find Triple M playing a lot of advertisements for nightclubs (for the young adults), but also ads targeted to school kids.


6PR is a commercial news talk station. They have a strong interactive relationship  with their listeners, and are made up mainly of people over 40. They have a slight male skew (56%).

The station is home to several special interest shows, with topics varying from boating, diving, fishing, gardening, life, technology, wellness, finance and sport. Its most popular show is “Sportsday” and runs daily from 6pm to 8pm, and is the only program syndicated from the east coast.


6IX runs the forever classics; hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The station has a slightly older appeal, and is comprised of listeners from 50-69. It has a very slight male skew (51%) and has arguably the most loyal listeners of any station, with the audience tuning in at just over 10 hours per week.

NOVA 93.7

Nova is centered around playing local hits along with a selection of throwbacks. It’s a station with wide appeal, with syndicated shows playing from 4pm Monday to Friday and local shows playing from 5am to 4pm.

Nova is an interesting station in the sense that it has a very clearly defined demographic. It consists of 33% of the 10-17 year old market and 23% of the 18-24 year old market. This means that over 50% of people under the age of 24 who listen to the radio, listen to NOVA.

If this age range is your target audience, then NOVA is definitely a good station to advertise on.

MIX 94.5

Mix 94.5 is about hearing the hits you love along with the ones you forgot you loved. As a mix station, 94.5 has managed to live up to its name not just in music, but in demographical spread as well. They are well known for their RnB Fridays.

It has a fairly consistent spread across all of the age ranges. Approximately about 15% of every age group (from 10-65) that listened to the radio, listened to 94.5. They have a particular appeal to females from the ages of 30-54.

This makes MIX a great all-rounder station for advertising. It might not be the most specific, but it is a good station to add into the mix (pun intended) when running a campaign on various stations.


96FM is the first station to launch in Perth over 40 years ago. It plays mainly contemporary/classic rock, and has syndicated network programmes from 5pm Monday to Friday.

The majority of 96FM’s listeners sit in the 18-54 markets. The station’s appeal is to those over 25, and paticularly to those over 35. They have a pretty even foothold (about 15%) of the listeners in every demographic echelon, and have a male skew of about 53%.

Their promotions range from young adult based events, such as nightclubs to older events like wine bar vouchers.

This station is great for those looking for the ‘meat’ of the adult market.


Spotify is the number one music streaming service in the world, with 365 million active users worldwide, and approximately 8 million Australians using it. The average customer spends 25 hours a month streaming music on Spotify. While Spotify is not limited to Perth only, we thought it was still worth mentioning as a viable radio advertising option.

Spotify allows you to pick your audience based on age, gender, location, activity and musical taste, selecting whether to opt for mobile, desktop or both. 

You have the flexibility to set your own budget and campaign dates, with access to Spotify’s insights feature to track the campaigns success.

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