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Far-reaching, influential and engaging - it's no surprise why Radio Advertising is such a powerful way to grow your business. This, combined with the fact that it is cost-effective, makes is the perfect medium to suit a wide range of budgets. We're an advertising agency Perth that can help you get real results with radio.

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Radio Advertising Agency

Radio is often referred to as ‘theatre of the mind,’ due to its ability to create highly evocative images and stories in the mind of the listener. It’s an excellent marketing medium because it reaches many people and in the Perth area, is perfect if you require a more cost-effective form of advertising.

We aim to create radio advertisements for your business with our advertising agency Perth that make the most of the audio medium. We see the audio-only nature of radio not as a restriction, but as a creative challenge.

As with every other marketing endeavor we undertake, we come to the process of creating radio ads with our Integrated Approach. Our aim it to ensure that at the heart of it, your radio ad communicates the core message of your business clearly (but in a fun and creative way).

Get into contact with our creative agency Perth today so we can discuss a strategy to create a Radio campaign to suit your budget.

WA Building Company

We created a number of radio spots to illustrate just how great it was to build your first home with WA Building Company.


Mirco Bros came to us with a desire to expand its services into the ‘backyard grower’ market. It had the products and expertise, but needed to let everyday people know what it had to offer. We completely revitalised its brand, with a fresh new logo, product ads and a quirky radio campaign.


As part of an integrated re-positioning and re-branding exercise, we created a series of Radio spots for Door Stop. Using humour, insights and slice-of-life situations, the Radio spots brought home the benefits of a great door from Door Stop.


House of Smiles wanted to communicate the joy of loving your smile. So we created a fun and quirky radio campaign that showed how much you will love your smile after visiting House of Smiles.

Why is advertising on Radio a good investment?

We live in a digital world. But that doesn't diminish the effectiveness of radio advertising one bit. Buying radio advertising is not just buying an ad. It's buying an already dedicated audience. Over the past 5 years, radio audiences have grown over 12%. In 2018, commercial radio audiences in Australia reached an all-time high. Data shows that more than 10.7 million people tune into commercial radio each week. Ad Impact can help you create radio ads that would be relevant to local events, familiar locations and geo-targeted audiences.

Advertising on radio offers advantages:

  • • Radio ads expand your reach.
  • • Advertising on radio increases the frequency to which people are exposed to your brand.
  • • Radio ads can reach customers on-the-move.
  • • Advertising on radio helps you break through the competitive clutter.
  • • Radio ads can give your brand a lasting impression.
  • • Creative radio ads motivate people to buy your products or services.
  • • Radio ads create a theatre of the mind experience to make your brand feel bigger.

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Client Testimonials

"Ad Impact’s integrated approach has been extremely important, from the redesign of our logo through to our television commercial and website, by providing a seamless consistent brand message through all the different touch points of our business".

Duane Crombie CEO - Rhino Water Tanks
Ad Impact Advertising 5/5 star rating from clients on Google

"It's a pleasure to work with an agency which not only understands our brand, but also adds value through their pro-active creative ideas. Their responsiveness, implementation and professionalism far exceed industry norms and even my own expectations".

Kevin Hume Marketing Manager - Midalia Steel
Ad Impact Advertising 5/5 star rating from clients on Google

Radio Advertising FAQs:

The answer is dependent on your advertising strategy, the goals of your campaign and your budget.

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