How Much Does Website Design Matter?

How Much Does Website Design Matter?

Quality web design has a variety of different purposes. Here are some of the many reasons to put serious thought into your web design.

1. Attract Customers

The goal of web design is to engage more users so you can boost sales. When you recruit a web design expert, they tweak and change your site in such a way that it can attract as many people as possible. A well-designed site also decreases the bounce rate, and therefore increases its search ranking.

2. More Conversions

Attracting users is only ever half the battle. What is really important is getting those users to convert. If a site can’t convert users, then there is no value in its high traffic. A professional website designer can construct a site in such a way that maximises its conversion rate.

3. Provide Information

Your audience may look up your site to find out some piece of information. An essential feature of website design is to present relevant information clearly.

4. Usability and Experience

It is imperative that your site be as user friendly as possible. If you fail in delivering a satisfying user experience, it will reflect poorly on your business as a whole. User interface includes a collection of different site features, including colour, format, and navigation, just to name a few.

5. Simple Navigation

Information should flow as naturally as possible in your website. It shouldn’t be difficult to find anything, and all your site’s information should be in logical locations. Also, try to take a minimalist approach to navigation. Don’t have too many pages, and give what few pages you do have as little text as possible.


If you find web design to be a little overwhelming, know that you don’t need to take it all on board yourself. Ad Impact can design a perfectly optimized sited for your business. If you’re interested in building a site with quality design, then feel free to contact us today.

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