Why You Need To Keep Innovating Your Website

Why You Need To Keep Innovating Your Website

Your website is one of the clearest and most important representations of your brand. For most people, it will be the first experience they have of your business, and the initial basis by which they judge you against your competitors. It is important then that your website does not fall behind, that its layout, navigation and indeed every aspect do not become obsolete.

For this reason, we have decided to explain why you need to keep innovating your website.

Your Website Reflects Your Brand

An outdated website is a warning sign to consumers. It signals that your business is anachronistic, that it has failed to keep up with advances in your industry. It is therefore necessary to upgrade your website every couple of years, and to adopt the lessons learnt in website development.

For instance, a site that isn’t optimized for mobile devices has no chance of surviving now. More than half of web traffic and ecommerce purchases are now made through smartphones. So if your site is too cumbersome on smartphones, you won’t only have a higher bounce rate, your brand will be seen as outdated.

Users Are More Likely To Engage

Modern websites have been tailored to user behavior. Many of the developments made in the past decade have been for the purpose of keeping users engaged for as long as possible. So if you want to maximise your chance of conversions, you need a modern website.

Furthermore, modern websites allow you to monitor user behavior, and make further changes to your site to improve the client experience. For instance, you can introduce personalization, and have your site recommend specific things based on your users’ past visits.

It Is Your Best Marketing Tool

A well-designed website is a natural marketing campaign. With site optimization comes decreased bounce rates, and greater user engagement. From this comes improved SEO, and therefore improved search rankings. So by updating your website, not only will you get further engagement, you will get increased exposure.


It’s hard to consistently keep on the cutting edge of website development. Trends are constantly changing, and they need to be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the work of maintaining a modern website seems like too much for you, then consider hiring the best web development agency in Perth, Ad Impact. Contact us today for more information.

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