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With so many advertising mediums available today, making your brand stand out has never been more important. This is why powerful branding with a top advertising agency Perth is an integral part of growing your business.

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Brand Strategy Agency

Your ‘Brand’ is the sum total of all of the feelings and impressions that your customers have when interacting with your business.

It’s like a vibe that someone gives off (that certain something about them that you can’t quite put your finger on, but makes you feel a certain way when you speak to them).

If there’s anything to learn about business, or life in general, it’s all about relationships. How someone feels about you has an immense amount of influence over whether they will work with you and whether they will choose you over another person/business.

Branding is the key to ensuring that your customers have positive feelings about your business.

We’ve been doing branding Perth for over 30 years and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you and your brand.This includes services such as logo design, positioning statements (slogans), brand guidelines, stationery, clothing, letterheads.

As an advertising agency Perth, our strategy is to employ an integrated approach with your brand. This ensures that your customers receive the same message no matter which medium they choose to interact with you (TV, Radio, Digital, Press etc).

Wa Opera

WA Opera came to us with two main objectives: To promote specific events and create themes for season operas, as well as refresh it’s corporate identity.


Door Stop wanted to break into the door market by positioning itself as the Pivot and Bifold specialists of WA. Our goal was to ensure that this message was communicated consistently across Branding, Press, Radio, and Web.

Why is branding a good investment?

Branding is absolutely essential for any business. It creates a lasting impression and leaves customers more interested in and connected with your product. Brand advertising has the power to change how people perceive your brand. Good brand advertising engineered by the right branding agency can take your business to new heights.

Brand Advertising and its Benefits:

  • Good branding ensures customer recognition & loyalty.
  • Brand advertising keeps marketing consistent.
  • Branding increases credibility.
  • Advertising through a brand attracts talent.
  • Proper brand advertising maximizes brand equity during new product launches.
  • Great branding breeds great brand confidence.

Need More Than Just Branding?

We Are A Full Service Advertising And Digital Agency

We develop creative campaigns that communicate a consistent key ‘umbrella’ message to your customers via any medium deemed relevant, both above and below the line.

Brand Advertising FAQS

A brand can be described as a set of your business' characteristics. It's your identity. For this reason, a brand needs to be easily recognisable and enhance the reputation of your business at the same time. It should embody your unique selling points and generate interest in your business. It’s more than just your logo.

Strong brand advertising sells your brand message. With a strong brand, any new products or services you introduce instantly get the reputation of your already-existing offers. Launches become much more effective, and your campaign will have an easier time attracting new customers and keeping the loyal ones.

To build a nationally or internationally recognised brand, it's going to take you years. If that's your goal, then the sooner you start, the better. The time it takes to build your brand is about the same time it takes your customers to accept your brand’s value. Even after your brand is built, your brand identity and message can continue to grow in value depending on how customers and clients experience your products and services.

A logo is a very distinct way of visually representing the name of your company. They are a great way of giving people consistent exposure to your brand, and of propagating a certain image of your business. They help customers to associate all of your products with a single brand, and make your business appear more established and professional.

Client Testimonials


The team are nothing short of outstanding! Very organized, very experienced and the best service I have received from an Agency.

Shabir Sass

General Manager
Cool Breeze

The team at Ad Impact are an extremely talented and dynamic agency. We have achieved fantastic results since using their services and our leads have grown significantly! They produce creative magic and have been instrumental throughout our re-branding process as well as developing a great looking, functional and captivating website. Luciano's extremely high standards and the team’s endless knowledge sets them apart. Highly recommend!

Wayne Granville

National Sales Manager

Great company to deal with. Very efficient and proactive.

Mark Basso

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