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7 TV Advertisement Essentials

As people who work in Advertising, we constantly get asked the same question.

“What makes a good TV Advertisement?”

This question is tricky, because there isn’t really a clear-cut answer. TV Ads are good for a variety of reasons. Some are good because they look amazing visually, others are good because they are hilarious. However, it’s rare that a commercial on the level of Old Spice comes along that often.

But a TV Ad doesn’t have to be a knockout hit in order to be a good TV Ad. There are good TV Ads on TV every day. The thing that makes them good is that they sell their message effectively.

So before you start the process of making a new TV commercial, you should take at our top 7 TV Advertisement essentials.

  1. Strong CTA

A CTA (or Call-To-Action) is the message that an Ad sends to its viewers in regards to what they should do when the Ad is finished. A CTA might be to visit a website, call a phone number or to be safer while driving.

The important thing about a CTA is that the message is very clear. You only have people for 30 seconds, and you’ll be lucky if you have 5 seconds for the CTA.

So when you’re choosing your CTA, it’s important to avoid things that are unclear. For example, if you are giving out a website Address, then make sure that it isn’t a long-winded domain name.

  1. Easy To Understand

The Ad at its core needs to be understood by your target audience. Sometimes business owners or Advertising agencies try to go too highbrow with their approach and the idea ends up getting lost in the mix.

The best ideas are really simple. If you can explain your idea to a 5-year-old kid, you’re on the right track.

  1. Placement

Studies have proven that people are the most attentive during the beginning and the end of the Ad break. During the middle, people tend to do other things to pass the time (such as using their Smartphone). For this reason, it is wise to try and get the best Ad placement possible.

It will cost more to do this, but it is worth every penny. At the root of everything, you are Advertising to reach as many of the right people as possible. If you’ve gone far enough to get to the booking stage, you might as well go all the way.

  1. Don’t Overload

If you have a lot of things that you want to say in your Ad, it can be tempting to jam-pack it full of messages. Those kinds of Ads end up coming out like this:

“Here at Motor Mechanics we have the best prices, the most reliable staff, the friendliest customer service, more knowledge than any other mechanic in Perth, superior products, amazing specials….”

Did remember everything? If so, we applaud you.

When you try to send too many messages, it ends up diluting them all. People tune out really quickly, so you should stick to one clear message and make it well.

  1. Voice Over Artist

This point is often overlooked, but the right voice over artist can really make a difference in your Ad.

This is because the voice over artist is the person who is going to be talking on your brand’s behalf. The wrong voice over artist will give people the wrong impression about your Ad.

  1. Don’t Oversell

Retail Ads are usually the guiltiest of this, but an Ad that is overselling is sure to get people to tune out.

The way to avoid this is to be honest. What are the true benefits of your business, and what information do you have to prove it? People appreciate honesty much more than they appreciate “the most amazing blender in the universe.”-eque Ads.

  1. Frequency

A general rule of thumb is that you want your TV Ad to be seen a minimum of 3 times by your customers in order for them to be able to recall the Ad effectively.

Talk with your Ad Agency to devise a media plan that will ensure that this minimum requirement is met.

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