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The Benefits Of Branding With Radio

The beauty of branding is that it isn’t about selling, but connecting. It’s a way to build trust with your customers and let them know what kindof business you are. 

While branding ads also tell people whatit is you do, it’s more about leaving a good impression on your audience. Kind of like meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to make them feel good and like they can trust you.


Radio is a great medium for reaching your customers, because it allows you to reach your customers on a regular basis and in environments that they normally don’t get targeted.

One example of this is reaching people at work. Many workplaces have the radio playing in the background. In fact, according to Roy Morgan, the average Australian employee spends almost two and a half hours listening to radio on an average weekday. This makes work the perfect environment for letting customers know about your business.


Because each station can vary quite differently from one another in terms of its choice of music, style and format, they each attract a unique audience. This means you are able to target different markets by playing on different stations.

For example, these radio stations in Perth have the following breakdowns:

  • 92.9 – Predominately younger station. They are known for mainly top-40 pop music. In terms of demographics, they own approximately 15% of the ages between 10-24
  • 6IX & 6PR – Combined, they collect about 50% of the market that is over 40 years old.
  • NOVA – Over 50% of people under the age of 24 who listen to the radio, listen to NOVA.
  • MIX 94.5 – 15% of every age group (from 10-65) that listened to the radio, listened to 94.5.
  • 96FM – The majority of 96FM’s listeners sit in the 18-54 markets. They have a pretty even foothold (about 15%) of the listeners in every demographic echelon.


According to an advertising survey by Clutch, Radio advertising was the third most trusted advertising medium, ahead of billboards, online and social media (and behind print and TV). 


One of the biggest benefits of using radio advertising is that it is a very cost-effective medium. For business owners that are smaller, or just more budget-conscious, it can be the perfect medium.

Branding on radio is also very an effective way to advertise (especially when compared to the cost). According to a study to a study by Nielsen, for every $1 invested into radio advertising has a return of $6.

This increases even more when combined with other mediums in an integrated campaign.

Moving Forward

Branding with radio is a brilliant way to build trust and convert potential customers into lifelong brand advocates.  

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