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4 Things You Should Know About TV Advertising In Perth, WA

If you’ve been thinking about advertising on TV in Perth or regional WA, you might have noticed how little information there is out there on the topic. For some reason, Perth’s TV advertising world is like a secret club where only a select few know the password.

This is exactly why we’ve written this blog (and our FREE Ebook below). We want to give you a heads up on some of the things that you should know about advertising on TV in Perth and regional WA.

1. Regional Targeting

Regional TV in WA contains a unique feature that makes it an excellent place for TV marketing. This is known as its ‘targeting’ feature.

What targeting allows you to do in this context is to select specific areas in the region to advertise on, and exclude others. For example, if you would like to only target WA’s Southwest region for your next TV spot, you have the ability to.

This allows you to be more cost effective with your media buying during your campaign, because your messages won’t be wasted on people who aren’t your target audience.

2. Pricing

Perth is a unique city in the sense that it is a metropolitan city that doesn’t have typical metropolitan prices. Other big Australian cities like Melbourne or Sydney charge higher rates for primetime advertising compared to Perth, but not relative to their respective increases in population (in our opinion).

This is why many larger corporations such as McDonalds often use Perth as a trial city for their Television advertising.

3. It’s On the Rise

Because of Perth’s growing population and relative cost-effectiveness, there is an opportunity for small business owners to really reap the benefits of TV advertising.

There are entire industries in Perth that get little to absolutely zero TV advertising time. This means that for the select few businesses that are brave enough to advertise on TV here, they will get full control of their target audience.

4. Lack of Quality Content

To be completely honest, a lot of the TV advertising in Perth and Regional WA is average at best. Great TV from Perth’s local businesses do come out every now and then, but the competition is weak and most of the good ads are for national companies.

This means that even a slightly above-average ad could really set your business apart.

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