3 Reasons Why TV Is Still A Superior Way To Advertise

Heard comments like this recently?

“TV is not as effective as it used to be.”

“TV is on its way out.”

“TV is dead.” (Yeesh).

We hear comments like that constantly; normally from people who are very misinformed on the facts. It’s understandable why they would come to this conclusion. Based on intuition, it probably seems like this is the case with the rise of digital and social media. However, on closer inspection, it really isn’t.

Sometimes the facts just speak for themselves and when it comes to TV advertising, there’s a lot to say. While its true that Australian digital channels are growing and becoming more mainstream, TV is still king by a long shot.

Reason 1: People Still Watch A Lot Of TV

According to Roy Morgan research figures, sitting down in front of the TV is people’s favourite thing to do in Australia. The average Aussie spends an average of 21.15 hours per week watching TV. In addition to this, 99.7% of Australians have free-to-air TV.

Reason 2: Free To Air TV Is Growing

Commercial free-to-air’s evening viewing in metro markets is has grown from 63.8% in 2013 to 64.9% in 2014, and continues to grow throughout 2015. Regional commercial free-to-air has also experienced a similar increase in viewership. (Roy Morgan Research).

Reason 3: TV Has The Largest Influence On Purchasing Decisions

A study by ThinkBox into the efficacy of TV advertising had some interesting discoveries.

  • TV advertising remains the most effective way to build a brand and creates larger business effects than other forms of advertising.
  • TV advertising is becoming more effective due to growing synergies with online and increased competition reducing the cost of reaching mass audiences with TV.
  • Including TV advertising in a campaign increases the campaign’s efficiency six-fold.
    • – Thinkbox.TV

Another 2015 study by MarketingCharts found that TV ads to influence more Americans than any other paid medium.

While it’s true that TV is changing and digital is on the rise, it by no means suggests that TV is a medium to be forgotten about. TV still is the most effective medium we have in advertising today.

Will it one day become obsolete? Probably one day. But that day is not here yet, which means that there’s still a lot to gain from advertising on TV.

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