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TV Advertising is the number one medium when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions. This makes it an incredibly powerful form of Advertising, especially considering that Australians watch nearly 3 hours of TV per day on average (Neilsen). We’re an advertising agency Perth that can help you succeed with TV.

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TV Advertising Agency

Time and time again, studies reveal that TV is the number one influencer on purchasing decisions in advertising. Part of that is because a strong TV campaign combines both audio and visual elements to emotionally connect with viewers as opposed to just one or the other.

When it comes to creating your TV ad, the quality that really differentiates us from other businesses is our Integrated Approach. Using our Integrated Approach, we design your TV advertisements based on the core message that your business is trying to communicate to your target audience.

We take into account how the TV advertisements could extend to print advertising, radio advertising and more. We aim to create TV ideas that are malleable and transferrable across all mediums, so your message is reinforced no matter how your customers choose to interact with your brand.

In addition to the production of the commercial/s, our creative agency Perth can also assist with media buying and planning (getting the ad/s on air). Our media buying and planning experts can create a media schedule that ensures your ad gets in front of the right eyes, and negotioate the best price available from the TV stations.


Midalia Steel stocks the largest range of steel in Western Australia. We were tasked with communicating this message in an entertaining and memorable way.

While Midalia Steel has a wide target audience, the rural sector makes up a significant portion of this, so the TVC had to appeal to this market. Bikes and motocross are an intrinsic part of life in the farm, so creating the theme was a natural decision.

Keeping the main message front and centre was of course essential, as was getting their lovable mascot ‘Bruce’ to play the starring role. Once we had these elements in place, it was just a matter of taking the (creative) leap. Literally!

Advertising on TV is one of the most effective advertising methods. It’s an investment with a high likelihood of success if done well. The massive reach of TV does wonders to attract new customers and clients. TV even acts to compliment digital advertising by driving traffic towards online campaigns.

  • TV advertising has a larger reach than most local newspapers and radio stations.
  • Advertising on TV lets you reach viewers when they are most attentive
  • TV advertising benefits from letting your customers see your product in action.
  • TV is statistically the medium most likely to drive sales.

Need More Than Just TV Advertising?

We Are A Full Service Advertising And Digital Agency

We develop creative campaigns that communicate a consistent key ‘umbrella’ message to your customers via any medium deemed relevant, both above and below the line.

TV Advertising FAQs

Our TV advertising campaigns come in various formats. Differences are mainly found in the lengths of the commercials used, with 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90-second durations available.
It’s important to note that different ad lengths serve different purposes. For instance, 15-second commercials are good for affirming brand presence, while 30-second commercials are designed for attracting viewers' interest and engagement. Using a combination of different ad lengths tends to be the most effective strategy while running a TV ad campaign.

The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is found by multiplying the total media cost by 1000, and dividing the resultant value by the total number of impressions.

It depends on your service/product, the objective of your campaign, the size of your budget and who your target audiences are. There is no one-size-fits-all time of the day that offers the most profitable ROI. For more information, call Ad Impact -- a TV advertising agency in Perth.

Information and data gleaned from official sources, plus the use of our own analytical software equips Ad Impact with the research that is needed to accurately analyse the effectiveness of a TV advertising campaign. From relevant statistics, our team develops comprehensive TV advertising campaign reports, sector analysis and competitor analysis. We also look at the most important indicator for advertising success: sales and lead data.

Client Testimonials

The team are nothing short of outstanding! Very organized, very experienced and the best service I have received from an Agency.

Shabir Sass

General Manager

Having worked with many advertising agencies over the years I found the professionalism & creativity shown by Ad Impact second to none. They invested time in truly understanding our business and provided fresh insight on how to identify what the market was really looking for from us.

Ralph Canterino

General Manager

The team at Ad Impact took my hazy idea for a business website and turned it into a high quality, professional and responsive site. I continue to rely on their back up and support. I have no hesitation in recommending Luciano and the team at Ad Impact to anyone seeking marketing expertise.

James Dunlop

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