7th April 2014

Radio Advertising – Theatre Of The Mind

To some it may seem quite old school, but when done right radio is still one of the most effective advertising mediums there is. Just think back to your favorite jingle and chances are you heard it first on the radio. The strength of radio lies in the power of sound and the amazing ability of sound to evoke a feeling, paint a picture or refresh a memory. With radio, your mind is the stage on which sound performs it magic. Radio truly is, theatre of the mind.

In terms of communicating, radio can be one a powerful medium. It’s relatively inexpensive to produce and purchase and it offers advertisers three key benefits – it’s Immediate, it’s Portable, and most importantly, it’s Involving.

Unlike print or television, radio can reach people with an immediacy that other mediums can’t. If you want to catch your consumers during work hours, you have a better chance doing it through radio. Of course if you want to catch them while they’re in their cars, then radio is the best medium to do it. After all, what better time to sell your restaurant or fast food outlet, than when your customers are out looking for a place to eat or drink. That’s the immediacy of radio.

Radio is portable…literally. You can carry it in your pocket, place it in a room, or listen to it in your car. But more than that, a powerful radio ad will stay in your consumers mind long after it’s finished playing. In other words, your consumers carry it in their minds.

When done well, radio more than any other medium, has the power to get your listeners to engage. People get more involved with radio because unlike other mediums, they need to paint the pictures for themselves and this means a far greater degree of involvement. When you get your audience to immerse themselves in your radio advertising, you’re already half way to a sale. It is also perfect because it forces you to strip down your communication to its essence so you can communicate your key benefit.

Advertising is most effective when it makes an emotional connection with the consumer. When you connect using emotion, your consumer pays closer attention. When that happens your message rises above the noise and gets firmly planted in your consumers mind and radio allows you to do just that.

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