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How To Generate Leads With Radio Advertising

At the heart of it, all advertising is about generating leads. Whether you are promoting on RadioTelevisionOnline or Print, ultimately you are employing lead generation strategies by influencing your target audience. However, the word ‘lead’ or ‘lead gen’ has become another one of those advertising buzzwords that are thrown around all too often without any real meaning. So in order to determine the best lead generation ideas (through radio), we need to first ask the question ‘what is a lead really?’

A lead is exactly what it sounds like – it is something that might lead to something else. A paying customer, a person who will promote your brand to others or even a stockist. All of these different leads are created by effective advertising. This blog is going to explain how to best utilise radio in order to generate leads.

If you check out our blog post “Radio Advertising Rates in Perth” you can see how different elements of radio advertising in Perth will influence the pricing of a radio ad. Following on from that blog, this blog is going to be explaining how to best utilise radio in order to generate leads.

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Offer Something Special:

A great way to generate leads for your business through radio is to make people feel like they are getting a special benefit from just hearing your ad. When we say ‘benefit’ we aren’t referring to the benefits of your product or service (e.g. “cheapest in Perth” or “Best customer service” etc), we are referring to a specific benefit from having just listened to the ad.

An example of this might be that by signing up to your company’s website before the end of the month guarantees that your customers can get 10% off of their first purchase. Incentives like this on radio can be a driving force to creating leads because they create a sense of urgency in the listener.

Keep The Message Simple:

Radio is a frequency medium. This means that listeners need to hear the ad frequently in order to commit it to memory. This argument can be made for any form of advertising, because customers need to see any ad a number of times to remember it, but things are slightly different for radio.

This is because people are rarely just listening to the radio. The radio is normally something that is playing in the background as people are focusing on other things. People drive, work and clean their house while listening to the radio. As a result, their attention is split between multiple things – moreso than a television ad or a print ad.

So in order to ensure that your message gets remembered you need to keep it simple. Often we hear ads that try to cram three or four messages into one tight 30-second spot. The problem with this is that your listeners will just tune out or not remember what your ad was trying to say. For example, if you are promoting your new website, don’t try let people know your company’s history and the opening of a new product range all at the same time. Although this is tempting to do to hit multiple birds with one stone, it dilutes the message that you really want to get across. Listeners may leave the ad thinking that the new store is the most important takeaway of the ad instead of the website. Or worse, they might just blank out completely.

Keep it simple and memorable.

Choose The Right Station/s and Times.

As it is with any other medium, certain radio stations attract different kinds of listeners. For example, Nova generally attracts a younger audience, whereas 6PR attracts an older audience.

However, the demographic splits between stations are much more complex than just the ages of the listeners. Another big factor is the time of day that the radio ad is played. The morning drive will undoubtedly get more listeners than 10pm at night (but also be more expensive). A way big to determine how to generate leads is to be aware of when your target audience is going to be listening to the radio.

Lead generation marketing on the radio is not as complicated as some people make it seem. It really just comes down to making little tweaks to your radio strategy so that you can make a bigger impact on your audience.

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