24th March

Email Marketing – Old Is Still Gold

Facebook. Twitter. Google Plus.

In a world full of social media networks and instant messaging, is email marketing still relevant and more importantly, is it effective? Email marketing was the original marketing tool in digital marketing and if often seen as ‘old school”. Yet despite being an older form of digital marketing, email continues to evolve and mature to deliver effective marketing messages to acquire and retain customers, increase brand awareness, make transactions and generate leads.

Here are some other reasons why email marketing is still an effective form of marketing and should be an essential part of any marketing campaign:


Email marketing is by far the most cost effective form of marketing. Unlike Print or TV advertising, it needs minimal production costs and involves no large media expenses. In fact even compared to direct mail, email still comes outperforms in cost effectiveness. With its ability to deliver targeted messages and generate leads, email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising tool available today.


From a tracking standpoint email beats the competition by offering an extremely detailed level of tracking. Within 24 hours you can know exactly which messages have been opened, by whom, what links were clicked on and what part of your message was working. This level of measurability is hard to get with any other form of marketing.

Email makes the sale.

While social media is good for building customer interactions and relationships, email marketing has the ability to drive sales. Coupons, discounts and sales are all far more effective with email, than with other digital marketing channels. A well-targeted, well-written email can persuade customers to click on links, explore products, see the range, and most importantly, put products in their shopping carts and buy them.

It’s Mobile.

Thanks to mobile devices people now check their emails anytime, anywhere. In other words their inbox is now always ‘On’. This makes email an even more potent customer-acquisition and sales channel than before. It also means you can build your email lists in many more ways – an offline promotion can give people an incentive to sign up through their mobile devices. So far from being a deterrent to email marketing, the rise of mobile devices has made email marketing an even more powerful tool in marketing. 

It’s Targeted

Unlike social media, email is permission based and that means consumers have already given you permission to sell to them – they’ve ‘opted in’ to your company’s communication. So you aren’t fighting just to get your foot in the door. What’s more, an email marketing database contains information that allows you to segment and target communications based on purchasing history, gender, age and geographic location. If the most effective marketing messages are the most targeted messages, then email gives you the power to be very effective. 

Email marketing is as relevant and effective today as it was ten years ago. With its vast reach, analytic capabilities and potential for creative messaging, email remains a reliable and effective medium for communicating with customers and prospects. Given how cost effective it is, you don’t need to choose between social media and email – the two mediums work even better in tandem. So when you draw up your next marketing plan, make sure you’ve got the power of email working for you.

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