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A Guide To Small Business Web Design

Why is web design important?

Web design is a significant part of promoting your business effectively. Your site is frequently where you establish your first impression with clients and where they will regularly go to find information about your business.

A website works best when it serves both the business and the customer. For the business, it should be structured in a way so as to maximize lead generation. For the customer, it should give a simple solution for their concern or query. In this blog, we’ll go through why it is so important design your website in this manner.

Here are some key reasons for the importance of website design:

Making A Good First Impression

When users land on your site, they’ll make a judgment not just about the site itself, but also about your business. This will be done within moments of seeing your site’s look and design, so you should do all that you can to make sure that the first impression is a good one.

If your site is old-fashioned, sloppy or unappealing, clients will be turned off and will take their business elsewhere.

Improves SEO

Your web design will impact your SEO by determining how your site is ranked on search engines like Google. Since web design determines where you distribute content on your site, search engines will index your site differently. Furthermore, your code should be SEO-friendly to help your site come up in search queries.

Better Customer Service

Just as clients will judge your business based on their first impression of your site, they will also judge your business the level of convenience of your website. If you haven’t put much thought into the design of your site, your clients won’t be able to easily access salient information. You need your site to be display information they want clearly.

Build Trust

The internet is replete with scam sites, so a well-designed website is critical to conveying that you are an authentic and reliable business. A site with a poor or obsolete design will frequently signal risk to clients, which can cost you business. This is particularly essential for an e-commerce site, because clients need to trust you before the input payment information.

Small Business Website Design Tips

Now that you know why web design is important, here are some tips on how to create a great web design:

Make A Plan

Your initial step while making or redesigning your site should be to make a detailed plan of what you need to do, how you will do it and how every component of your site will assist in serving your customers. You should map out a client journey from beginning to end to have a decent understanding of what your site needs to offer and how you should approach each stage of development. For this step, you should have information on who your customers are, what they like, what kinds of content they react well to and how they can be converted from visitors to customers.

Remove Unnecessary Components

Modern website design is all about being clear and effective, so remove any superfluous information. This includes animations, duplicate content and unnecessary images.

Users have a limited capacity to focus and don’t have any desire to wade through pages of content to get to what they need, so design your site to be direct and to the point.

Make Your Landing Page Scrollable

Because more individuals than ever are accessing sites through tablets and mobile phones, having a scrollable landing page opens your site up to more visitors. Furthermore, a scrollable landing page can be more engaging because you can animate components of your site to pop up or move as the client scrolls downward. This kind of design adds aesthetic appeal without being overwhelming or diverting.

Optimize It For Mobile Devices

As indicated by Google, 70% of visitors are probably not going to get back to a mobile site if they experienced difficulty getting to it, and a large percentage will leave to go to a competitor’s site instead. Therefore, you should ensure that your site is mobile responsive and looks the same on smaller screens. Ensure you tailor your mobile sites to be user friendly for mobile customers. Think about why they are accessing your mobile site and what data they’re probably searching for and make it as simple as possible for them to get to that information.

Have An SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any business’ online presence and should be considered at each stage web design. Think about what content is applicable and intriguing to your clients and design your SEO methodology around catering to that content.

Make It Secure

Customers are very protective of their own data, so you should do all that you can to give them with peace of mind that their data is secured on your site. This implies having a current SSL authentication, which is a small information record that ties a cryptographic key to your business and secure transactions, logins and browsing. A current SSL authentication is fundamental because it’s what makes the “https” application protocol and symbol in a search bar. If your site doesn’t have an “https” application protocol, Google will frequently flag your site as not secure and direct the user away.

All of this information can be quite overwhelming for a newcomer, which is why you should hire web development agency in Perth to take of your web design for you.

Ready to get started? Schedule a meeting with a web design expert in Perth at Ad Impact Advertising today.

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