22nd July 2014

What Makes A Great Website?

Websites are one of the main resources of a business. Having a trustworthy, proficient, and engaging online presence requires work and persistence. You know there are a huge number of sites out there, so how might you stand apart from your competitors?  To solve this problem, it helps to find the best small business web design agency for your specific requirements.

A decent website grabs your interest and gives you the information you need. Here are some important things consider when building a site for your business.

1. Organization & Structure

Great sites are efficient and follow a structure. Their organization makes them simple and easy to use. They are also built around a target audience and market. 

By structuring your site intelligently, site visitors will be more inclined to explore the content in your site. Additionally, a perfect organization and structure allow Google to simply crawl and index your site more easily.

2. Simple Navigation

Effective sites offer simple and easy-to-understand navigation. Visitors should find everything they need as quickly as possible. If users need to wander around the site trying to discover what they need, they will get disappointed and leave. For this reason, you should incorporate a clear navigation bar on your site.

Depending on the size of your site and the amount of content, you should think about executing a super menu, also called uber menus. These types of menus go beyond the regular drop-down menus by permitting you to organize content in your navigation bar utilizing segments.

3. Unique Content

Excellent sites focus on their target audience’s desires. Great and fresh content builds the user’s interest and encourages them to come back for more. Furthermore, Google esteems content that is important and intriguing for users, so creating unique content is an extraordinary method of double-dipping when it comes to making a decent site. A few organizations decide to do this by writing articles or blogs about their services or products, while others make pages answering frequently asked questions by customers.

4. Excellent Design

Excellent design is vital to a site. A decent site is one that merely has all the information a customer needs. Great sites present this information in a way that considers user experience. Consequently, it is important to design a site for both desktop and mobile.

5. Speed

Users would prefer not to wait for slow content to download; they need their data rapidly and immediately. In today’s internet, most users realize that if they click on a site and it doesn’t load as quickly as they expect, they can return and tap on another that will load quickly. Optimized images, video, and audio give a site the required speed it needs to load quickly.

Alternatively, when it comes to diminishing page speed time for mobile devices, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) proves to be useful. This is a project backed by Google to rapidly load sites on mobile phones. Page speed plays a major role in the success of a website.

6. Simple To Read

The vast majority of users don’t read site copy carefully; they instead scan them. Prioritizing content by importance help the site’s readability by making the text easier on the user’s eyes. The difference between the text color and the site background is also vital. Optimized sites won’t ever utilize a dark background tone and dull blue text or white background color and yellow text.

Placing content in a hierarchy assists individuals with distinguishing significant sections on the site. Excellent sites go through headings to break the content into sections and give small paragraphs of text to help their consume their content more easily.

Utilize these features on your site and improve your business by contacting Ad Impact Advertising for the best quality web development services in Perth. We are a complete digital marketing agency in Perth that offers high-quality web design and development services at low costs.

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