3rd December 2013

TV Ratings Report November 2013

The latest TV Ratings Report from Think TV (a marketing initiative of Free TV Australia) has just been released and the research reveals some very interesting facts on TV viewing which may surprise you! Here are just some of the highlights:


  • Broadcast television continues to dominate Australians’ screen time
  • Australians are watching over 3 hours of television a day – the vast majority of viewing is of commercial free-to-air television
  • Free TV dominates top program lists with some programs delivering record audiences in 2013
  • In addition to viewing on a TV set, television is also being consumed across a range of different devices such as the Networks’ online services
  • While there are a range of different devices on which to view and interact with content, watching TV on a TV set dominates our screen time
  • TV is also youth’s primary screen

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