30th March

Three Predictions For Digital Advertising In 2015

Three Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2015

Digital advertising is on the rise and has been for some time. You only have to look at the prevalence of YouTube advertising to see that practically everything is digital now. Back in the day, an ad before a YouTube video was an abnormal thing. Now you would be hard-pressed to find a region of the Internet where advertising is non existent (or even minimal for that matter).

This blog will look at our top three predictions for digital advertising in 2015.

1. Mobile Takeover

According to YouTube’s statistics, over 40% of videos are now being viewed on mobile devices. In addition to this, a US survey undertaken by CommScore stated that 46% of shoppers say they are less likely to shop around for other options when they’re using a company’s mobile app. These two statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the prevalence of mobile use in the world of digital advertising.

We predict that these numbers will continue to increase throughout 2015. Mobile needs to be part of every digital marketing strategy.

2. Analytical Tools Will Become More Important

‘Big Data’ is getting bigger every year. As data complexity increases, so does the difficulty of analysing that data (but also the benefit of analysing it well). If a marketer or a digital agency wants to get ahead they are going to need to utilise tools that are conducive to optimising that data for strategic decisions.

Marketers are already using these tools, but we suspect that the use is going to increase and that there is going to be more innovation in this area of the market.

3. Video is Mandatory

Everything and anything has a video attached to it now and not just a basic video, a really good quality one. Anyone with a decent camera and some editing software can put together a really nice looking video at very low costs.

If you go to a website advertising houses for sale, you will find a plethora of professional-looking videos for average homes. Everything has a video.

This means that in order to stand out, you don’t just have to have a video, but your video has to look slick. Currently, people are incredibly spoiled with the quality of media that they are consuming. We predict that video prevalence (and video quality) will continue to increase in 2015.

If you can take anything away from this blog, it is that the digital advertising sphere is going to continue to expand in 2015. Make sure that you include a digital strategy in your digital marketing plan.

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