11th November 2013

The Power Of Strategic Marketing

One of the fundamental benefits of Strategic Marketing is to have a better understanding of your business to enable it to differentiate itself from its competitors and build on both its current and future strengths.

From an advertising perspective, this is fundamental as it forms the basis of where you need to position the business and what the key ‘umbrella message’ needs to be for all future communications.

Let’s look at Toyota for example. Here’s a successful international car brand that has a number of different products, like Landcruiser and Yaris etc. Yet each of the products (or sub brands) has a different target audience. So what did they do?

Well firstly the key is to understand that each of these sub brands will need its own key message to its specific target audience. In Landcruiser’s case it’s targeting the adventure market, however the advertising still needs to tie back to the main umbrella brand’s positioning for Toyota.

Toyota identified that its main proposition was that its vehicles provide a great driving pleasure for each of the different target groups. Therefore the creative advertising message represented it with the positioning statement “Oh what a feeling”. This was further reinforced with a person jubilantly jumping in the air at the end of the ad. Hence, no matter which sub brand it advertises, each ad will finish of with the same positioning, which further reinforces the Toyota brand.

So your strategic marketing session needs to get to the core of what you are trying to communicate across all different mediums, so that the brand’s message is consistently reinforced. Without this, the creative messages will be disjointed and you will miss the opportunity to truly build your brand.

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