19th June 2012

The Myths About Social Media

Myth #1 – Social media is about the conversation

It is very crucial for social media to stir conversation between the brand and customers, but this cannot be the ultimate goal. Conversation should purely be a way to nourish higher-level goals such as brand loyalty and brand retention. Sparking conversation alone will not do much for the overall growth of a company

Myth #2 – Social media is free

To utilise social media effectively requires time, effort and money. Large companies have equipped dozens of people into social media teams because they are able to see its true potential. Haphazardly using and updating social media strategies will not ensure the full benefits are utilised.

Myth #3 – Social media campaigns have a clear beginning and end

Social media campaigns are unlike traditional marketing campaigns due to the fact that there is no true end. A social media campaign has the ability to take on a life of its own as the consumers continue to discuss it long after its intended duration. Try not to see a social media campaign in the same light as a traditional campaign, but more as a litmus test to see what people are saying about your brand

Myth #4 – Social media can’t be measured

When measuring social media, one must first have an effective social media plan. When a plan with a clear goal is set, the results of the implementation can be clearly seen and recorded. It is important to have a definitive ‘before and after’ look at the company in relation to social media strategies.

Social media is such a viable tool in today’s marketing world that the changes occurring are becoming more and more frequent. This means that there will ultimately be new loopholes and myths in its methods, which need to be monitored by people who want to utilise it fully.

Source: Creating social media evangelists for your brand: Webcast Guide

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