4 Tips to Increase Adwords Conversion

4 Tips For Increasing Your Adwords Conversion Rate

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bad Adwords conversion rate. You’re getting views, you’re getting clicks, but you’re not getting conversions.

It sucks. I know.

But there is plenty you can do to stop this from happening to you. We’ve prepared 4 tips to increase your Adwords Conversion Rate.

1. Make Your Ad Text Specific To The Ad Group’s Keywords

When you’re writing the text for a specific ad group, you should ensure that it is relevant to the keywords contained within. The reason for this approach is that people use search engines to find answers to specific questions. A big mistake that people make with the Adwords platform is that they use the same ad for every single ad group.

While this method might be easier, it fails to create ads that will connect with customers in a way that will make them actually convert.

If someone performs a search for “blue dresses perth”, they won’t feel like your ad is relevant is it reads “a huge range of dresses” as the ad text.

2. Make Your Landing Page Specific To The Ad Group’s Keywords

This is similar to point 1 – people want a specific landing page that offers information in reference to their initial search term.

The ideal situation is that they search for the term “blue dresses in perth”, they see an ad for “blue dresses in perth” and then see a landing page specifically about blue dresses in Perth (with photos of blue dresses too!).

3. Location, Location, Location…Targeting

Nothing is more wasteful than clicks from out of state (unless you deliver as course). Location targeting helps you cut out unnecessary traffic from people that aren’t going to be able to purchase your product or service because they live too far away.

Make sure to turn on location targeting as soon as you begin your campaign!

4. Pause Underperforming Keywords

You should constantly be checking up on the performance of your keywords once you begin your campaign.

What you should be looking for are keywords that:

·      Drive traffic, but no conversions

·      Drive traffic with a high bounce right

Keywords (or in some cases ad groups) with these qualities are going to be a drain on your resources and harm your quality score. Remove them or temporarily pause them to avoid this from happening.

Good luck!

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