3 tips to improve your email campaign

3 Tips To Improve Your Email Campaign

If you’re sending emails to your customers, getting them to open and read the email is usually the hardest part. With the tips below you can significantly increase the chances of that happening.

Simplicity is Everything

The advertising world’s favourite creative ‘rule’ is called the KISS principle, which stands of ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

Every course, speech or seminar I’ve attended has always stressed the importance of simplicity. There’s good reason for this, because simple ideas that are executed well will always have a huge impact on people.

The KISS theory also applies to email campaigns, because people don’t have time to read mountains of text when they’re getting bombarded with emails constantly. The messaging needs to be clear and easy to read, because people will give up on complicated text in an instant.

This also means keeping things short and to the point. People don’t have the time or the attention span to read a wall of text, so don’t force them to.


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Address People By Name

People love to hear their own names (at least, I know I do). There’s just something about it that makes you pay closer attention to whatever information follows it. In fact, there are studies that have shown that different parts of the brain are activated when someone is addressed by name compared to when they’re not.

“There is unique brain activation specific to one’s own name in relation to the names of others. In addition, the patterns of activation when hearing one’s own name relative to hearing the names of others are similar to the patterns reported when individuals make judgments about themselves and their personal qualities, and include the regions of the medial frontal cortex and superior temporal cortex near the temporo-parietal junction. “

– Brain Activation When Hearing One’s Own and Others’ Names (Brain Research, 2006)

So when it comes to your email campaign, you should try (where possible) to address people by name. Now if you don’t have people’s first names then this isn’t something that you can do, but at the very least your should try to address people directly (i.e. use the word “you” when writing).


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Use Engaging Subject Lines

While there’s nothing wrong with a regular straight subject line, they won’t always pull people in. Great subject line make people want to click the email to find out more.

Try to be creative with your subject line by:

–       Keeping it personal

–       Being concise

–       Using numbers

–       Posing compelling questions

–       Making jokes


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The Next Step – Be Real

The most important thing to remember with email marketing is that you need to treat your customers like they’re real people.

They live busy lives, they have a lot of information coming at them at once, so you need to offer something of value. If you are coming to them with something that will help their lives, rather than just a plea for their money, you are way more likely to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

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