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Creative Advertising

The creative side of our Agency is where the magic happens. This is the part where we get to put all of our imaginative skill into transforming your business.

Our core goal is simple:
We want to find the most interesting way to help you achieve your business goals.


To understand branding, it’s important to know what brands are. A brand is an image, slogan, logo or idea associated with a product or service that consumers can identify in the market. Brands enable consumers to quickly decide on which products or services they will purchase in a saturated market.

Our highest priority is to ensure that your brand successfully communicates the core message of your business. This is the key to truly effective branding. If your brand is able to clearly communicate what your business is all about, then your customers will form an even deeper connection to it.

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A powerful brand is starts with a powerful name because the name of your product or business is the first thing that your audience is going to notice.

A great name can communicate a lot in regards to what your business is about and leave a lasting impression on your customers. A bad name can undermine, underwhelm or even confuse your customers about what it is you do and what you represent as a business.

During the naming process, we place a large focus on ensuring that your name communicates something integral about your business to your customers.

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Your strategy is the plan that is going to guide your business to your goals. Whether your business goals are to increase awareness, increase customers or change customer perceptions, the strategy is how you’re going to do it.

We’ve been in the business of creating strategies for over 25 years. With this level of experience comes a depth of expertise that we use to direct your business to your goals. Part of this process involves an in-depth strategy session, which we use to obtain a deeper understanding of what your business is about, what you want, and ultimately how we are going to help you get it.

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Concept & Visualisation

The concepting stage is where we come up with ideas about how to best communicate your brand message across all mediums. This is where the ads begin, and the creative juices begin to flow.

Once we’ve come up with your creative strategy, we create the ‘visuals.’ The visuals will allow you to get a sense of what your ads are going to look like before you approve of them to be officially made. This allows you to suggest changes before we move ahead to production.

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Integrated Campaigns

If you want your marketing to take a real effect on your target audience, it needs to be integrated. In practice, integration is really about consistency in your advertising. So no matter whether you’re running TV ads, radio ads or digital, every ad communicates the same message.

The power of integration is probably one of our biggest focuses here at Ad Impact. We place a huge emphasis on making sure that your key message remains consistent across your campaign. Because we are a full service agency, you can be assured that you won’t get a diluted campaign message.

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When people read copy, they are given a deeper insight into the product, service or business being written about. Appealing copy is often the final stage of converting an interested viewer into your customer. For this reason, it’s very important for your copy to be engaging.

In order to do this, the copywriter needs to be able to translate the raw facts about your business into something that is both interesting, and speaks directly to your target audience.

With our Integrated Approach, we make sure that our copy reflects the true values, style and tone of your business. Having decades of experience in this area, we know how good copywriting fits into the bigger picture of your advertising campaign.

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Product Development

The packaging of your product makes a significant impact on how your product is perceived in the market, because striking packaging can help it stand out in locations where it’s surrounded by similar products. Similarly, slick and artistic packaging can help provide an added layer of class.

We pride ourselves in great art direction, which extends to our product development capabilities. We’ve created product packaging for pretty much everything you can think of. From wine labels to hangover cures.

Yes, we’re serious.

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Corporate Video

A corporate video is often created for the corporate environment and intended for a very specific audience. For example, corporate videos may be instructional guides for employees of a corporation, or they may be showcasing a new product or service to potential investors. Corporate videos are unlike traditional TV advertisements, as they are usually much longer in duration.

We believe that a well-made corporate video is an effective asset to your business. Ultimately, we create your video to convey a message to a certain audience, so it’s important that your audience will listen. We create corporate videos that are visually dynamic, fit the style of your company and even humorous to your audience.

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Outstanding Praise

This together with Ad Impact’s strong creative and marketing knowledge has seen significant changes to our business and the way we approach the marketing of our company.

Rhys Edwards
Rhys Edwards

Managing Director
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