WOW Homes

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WOW Homes is an award-winning Perth homebuilder that specialises in first homes.

WOW Homes came to us with a desire to take its brand to the next level. We performed a complete brand transformation, with a new logo, signage, website and stationery. With a strategic media strategy that utilised online, radio and TV advertising. The campaign was a massive success and helped the company achieve its business goals.


The new slogan we created for WOW Homes was “you’ll always remember your first”. This was to highlight the fact that WOW Homes was both a specialist in first home building and the importance of building your first home. We showcased this message in a new television commercial, along with the powerful “Triple The Grant” offer that WOW Homes wanted to promote. With the help of an incredibly cute baby, the TVC showed viewers how they’ll ‘always remember their first’ home with WOW Homes!


We created a number of radio spots to illustrate just how great it was to build your first home with WOW Homes. These spots also promoted the $45,000 Triple The Grant offer.

Web Design

We built a brand new website utilising a Concrete5 CMS.  The site featured a number of home designs, along with a search function that allowed viewers to filter out designs that did and didn’t match their needs.

As part of a larger integrated campaign, we included an online advertising strategy utilising Adwords, Display Ads, Retargeting and Facebook Advertising. This was a crucial element to the success of the campaign and was a big part of its success.

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