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As a result of both creative and strategic marketing, Midalia Steel is the number one steel retailer in WA and one of the biggest names in steel across Australia.

The Midalia Steel brand has gone through many different phases over the years, but has always had the same core message being communicated throughout – being number one in everything steel.



Midalia Steel is the authority on everything steel, being one of the main players in steel retailing. Our challenge was to highlight Midalia Steel’s dominant position in the market as the superior steel retailer. So we took the two most iconic elements of the brand – Bruce the Dog and the “Steel the One” slogan – and created a simple ad that showed why Bruce was “steel the one” against his rival, Moggy.

The ad used a real cat and dog inside the Midalia Steel Warehouse. Through the use of live-action and some special effects, our stars were able to interact with the environment and show off Midalia's range of steel products in the process.

Midalia Steel wanted a commercial that would communicate the ease of building with its products. We had the idea of the mascot Bruce the Dog creating a ‘building-whirlwind’ to signify the quick amount of time it takes to DIY with Midalia. The ad was not dialogue-heavy, and let the 3D animation do most of the talking.

In 2014, Midalia Steel wanted to utilise short, 15-second retail advertisements with a real Blue Heeler dog playing the role of the company's mascot 'Bruce The Dog'. In order to do this, we sourced a highly trained Blue Heeler and recorded a variety of tricks in front of a green screen. After filming tricks such as high jumps and winks at the camera, we created a database of shots that could be mixed and matched to create new retail ads.

This ad was created to promote the release of Midalia Steel's DIY Gate Kits.

This ad was created to promote the release of Midalia Steel's MMMASSIVE Sale.

This ad was created to promote the release of Midalia Steel's July Roofing Sale.

Animated Print


To drive traffic to their new website Midalia Steel announced a DIY contest that rewarded the best steel DIY project with a $1000 voucher. Customers had to post pictures of their DIY project on the new website for a chance to win. Given how passionate Australians are about DIY, our radio spot decided to highlight one enthusiastic DIYer's attempts to photograph his project. Much to his wife's dismay.

Newspaper Ads

According to Royal Life Saving Australia's statistic for 2011, 14 year olds and under are the most common age group to drown in Swimming Pools. The birth of a child is the one time when parents become acutely aware of child safety and how fragile kids' lives can be. To bring home the importance of pool fences in a simple yet visually impactful way, we placed our message right next to the birth announcements in the newspaper.

The PADC Gold Skull was awarded to Ad Impact for outstanding Newspaper Advertising for Midalia Steel and was one of only a select few handed out on the night.

PADC Gold 2011

Ad Impact's win was the only Caxton to be won by a Western Australian agency and was one of only 12 awarded.

AdImpact's Midalia Steel "Pool Fence" ad was awarded the Bronze Star at Ad Stars - The Busan, Korea-based worldwide advertising festival. 146 judges from 44 countries selected the very best ads from over 10,431 entries worldwide. AdImpact was one of only four Australian agencies to win at the worldwide festival.

Bronze Star, Ad Stars Festival 2012.

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