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Rhino Water Tanks

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Rhino Water Tanks is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Polyethylene-lined tanks and liners.

As part of an integrated campaign, we created a range of creative solutions featuring the company mascot 'Brutus' as the hero. This included a new website, logo and a tough TVC to match the toughness of its product.


Rhino Water Tanks gets its name from the tough, sturdy Rhinoceros, which also represents the company in its Logo. It’s a good fit because Rhino Water Tanks use specially made reinforced Tank Liners. These Food-Grade Polyethylene Liners are the safest and best way to keep rainwater fresh and taste-free. They are tough and strong just the way a Rhino is. With this in mind, it seemed only natural that Brutus the Rhino play a part in the TV commercial.

In fact, as it turned out he played the leading role in this simple spot that clearly demonstrates the product's strengths.

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