Pioneer Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks is Australia's leading water tank company. 

After an initial strategy session with the company’s managing team, we created a new slogan and TVC

The new slogan “leading the way in water” encapsulated the current reputation and provided a future vision for the company. Because the line stated that Pioneer was leading the way in water (and not specifically water tanks), it also left the door open to the possibility of other water-based ventures in the future (for example, water filtration technology).

With a focus on cutting-edge technology, we created 'Aquabot', a 3D animated robot that embodies the Pioneer Water Tanks brand for the new TVC.

We believed that “leading the way in water” was really about innovation in the field (for example, the AQUALINER FRESH Tank Liner and the 8-80 VLOCK design). With robots being a universal symbol of technological innovation, it felt natural to create a robotic character for the brand.

Hence, Aquabot was born.

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