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Get Approved is a car finance specialist, helping its customers get pre-approved finance before buying new or used vehicles.

As a company, Get Approved had one goal in mind - to give its customers back the power when buying a car. We created an integrated campaign that showed how Get Approved gave its customers better buying power, including a new Logo, Radio spots and TVCs.


Get Approved is WA’s largest dedicated car financier. In 2012, Get Approved approached us with a desire for a complete rebrand, including two new television commercials. The commercials were filmed in front of plain white backgrounds with a real car and both consisted of really simple ideas. The ads proved to be very successful for Get Approved. The core message that Get Approved wanted to communicate was their ability to give the buying 'power' back to the customer when purchasing a car. We wanted to show how the sales price of the car can keep increasing without financing from Get Approved, so we integrated the 'ultimate' way that people lose money, slots.


Get Approved’s primary goal was to give power back to its customers, so they could have more control over the car-buying process. We produced a series of Radio spots that highlighted its message about giving the power back to customers who have to deal with frustrating buying conditions.

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