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Fleetwood RV

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Fleetwood RV is one of Australia’s leading Caravan players.

Fleetwood RV is the parent company of two of Australia's top caravan manufacturers and retailers - Coromal Caravans and Windsor Caravans.

Coromal’s motto is “Built For Adventure,” so our task was to communicate the adventure and excitement that a new Coromal Caravan would bring into the lives of its prospective clients. This included a series of press ads, brochures and signage design.

Windsor Caravans wanted to promote its range of luxury caravans to its customers. This included the pop-top Rapid, the ultra-classy Phantom and everything in between.

Brochure Design


Windsor Caravans are a premium range of caravans designed to offer the very best in travel comfort. We created a series of press ads that highlighted the range and the premium features it offered.

Coromal’s core target audience want adventure, so we brought alive the positioning in the print media.

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