Centurion is one of Australia’s largest independently owned logistics (3PL) and transport companies. 

Based out of Perth and operating throughout all of Australia, Centurion commissions an extensive transport fleet of over 2000 vehicles. Over its near 50-year history, Centurion has developed from a local transport company to a full logistics solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of distribution, warehousing and project services. 

Centurion wanted to create a corporate video that detailed every stage of its logistics supply chain system.  As such, we filmed an end-to-end video depicting every part of this process, from order straight through to delivery. Footage was taken from Centurion warehouses, offices and even within a Centurion truck. We also developed 3D animation in order to illustrate the more complicated aspects of the logistics supply chain. Graphics were also overlaid on parts of the live action video to punctuate certain scenes. The final product was a lucid, informative video that was shown to hundreds of Centurion clients.


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