Top 5 Most Common Mistakes For Ecommerce Website Design

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Ecommerce website design can seem like a tricky process for those that are unsure as to what their customers are really looking for. However, it is actually really simple - because people just want a site that works well and is easy to use.

Because we are used to Ecommerce giants like, we are a bit spoiled when it comes to these kinds of sites. Sites like these have gotten online shopping down to a science and have a very smooth user experience as a result. It is no mystery why they are so popular.

Let’s not forget that people shop online because it is supposed to be easier than shopping in a store. When we forget about ‘ease’ being the central goal of a good ecommerce website, we neglect the basic need of the customers who use it.

Anyway, onto the blog! Here are the Top 5 Most Common Mistakes For Ecommerce Website Design

  1. Poor Product Descriptions

Depending on the type of product, some products need more detailed descriptions than others. Getting this balance right is important, because it helps to address the needs of the customer who is trying to make an informed purchase.

For example, too many times we have seen ecommerce sites selling ‘technology products’ with little-to-no text description. This is a silly move because when it comes to these kinds of products (cameras, televisions etc), people are looking almost exclusively for the specs. Not including this information means that people have to go somewhere else to get it (and potentially buy it too).

On the other hand, sometimes we see products that don’t require a large description (such as clothes), being bombarded with text-heavy descriptions. In these cases, energy would be better spent on providing additional images of the product. This is because when it comes to these types of products, people are only really concerned with how it looks.

  1. Boring Photos

We know it’s hard to make some products look sexy. If you’re selling spark plugs or screws, you can’t exactly put it in front of a sunset and expect the customers to roll in.

However, in cases where you can do that, do it.

According to a study by the Wisconsin School Of Business, people are more likely to buy a product if they see it being used by another person.

Try to take advantage of this fact and get photos of people using your products. For obvious reasons, still keep the product as the hero of the photo.

  1. Clutter

This one is simple, but overlooked way too often. A busy site with a million things going on is going to be difficult to use because it is visually overwhelming. We aren’t sure why so many sites do this, but it appears that many website owners are afraid of making their site too simple. Possibly it is because they think that by loading it with lots of content, it is going to be more appealing.

They could not be further from the truth.

What we suggest is to strip your site back, and then when you feel like it has been stripped back too much, strip it back some more.

Keep it simple, but stylish. Put your effort into your site’s photos and layout.

  1. Miscalculating Traffic

It can be one of the scariest things in the world when you launch your new site and it crashes from too much traffic. All of that money and effort you spent on creating a great marketing campaign has just been wasted because hungry customers can’t enter your site.

This is not a pretty sight, and you have to be ready for it. Overestimate the amount of customers that your think are going to visit your site (in fact, double or triple it) and then redesign it accordingly.

  1. Not Mobile/Tablet Optimised

Responsive website design has a number of different benefits, but one of the most powerful ones is that it is a godsend for ecommerce sites.

A responsive site will readjust according to the specifications of the device it is being used on. Whether you are using a Smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, the site will adjust to fit. (Check out our blog on responsive website design here).

As stated earlier, people want an ecommerce site that is easy to use. This is the primary decider in what makes them use your site or not. Therefore, making sure that your site is optimised for mobile is going to give you a much better chance at keeping them happy.

We hope that this blog has given you some guidance with your ecommerce site. It takes a bit more effort to stand out from the majority of sites out there, but if you do the rewards are huge.

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