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Is Radio Advertising The Best Form Of Advertising?

Choosing the right medium to advertise on can be one of the most difficult things about the advertising process. Once you’ve settled on a budget you need to decide where to invest your advertising dollars.

“Do I spend it on online advertising? Print? RadioTV? A combination of all three perhaps?”

Unfortunately the answer is “it depends.” Factors such as your target audience can heavily influence the direction you should go in. However that being said, radio advertising has been referred to as “the best ‘pound-for-pound’ advertising medium available.” This means that taking all things into the equations (effectiveness, price, reach etc), radio advertising gives you the best bang for your buck.

Reason 1 – Radio Commands Attention

Radio is a unique medium in the sense that it commands attention like no other. Unlike mediums such as TV, where you can also be on your phone or talking to people at the same time, radio only has to share attention with 1 other activity – driving. Although some people still listen to the radio in other environments, the majority of the time spent listening to the radio is in the car.

This means that for thirty seconds, you have an opportunity to have your listener’s mostly undivided attention – something that is very hard to achieve nowadays. While people do tune out of boring ads, the potential for retention is very strong here.

Reason 2 – Radio Is Cost Effective

Radio advertising is actually a fairly cost effective form of advertising – especially in Perth and in regional areas. TV can be quite expensive, but it is the number one influencer on people’s opinions when it comes to advertising mediums. Print can be very cost effective in the right mediums, but is not as effective. However radio manages to hit the balance between the two very well.

Reason 3 – Radio Gets Results

In Australia, radio reaches up to 18 million people per week, with 10.1 million listening religiously every week.

A 2014 Nielsen study that looked into the effectiveness of radio advertising uncovered some pretty convincing results.

In the first study of its kind, the research found that each dollar of ad spend generated an average sales return of six dollars from the listeners in the 28 days after they heard the ads.

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