How To Spend Your Adwords Money Correctly

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So you’ve just done your first Adwords campaign. You set the budget, outlined your goals, chose some keywords and let it run.

Then a week went by and you burned through the budget. This would’ve been fine if the clicks you got turned into leads, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

So what did happen?

Chances are you neglected to consider some of the following tips on how to make sure you save money on your Adwords campaign.

Use The Negative Keywords Tool

Let me first start by saying that the negative keywords tool is one of the most underrated tools on the Google Adwords platform. In essence, this tool allows you to exclude certain search terms from your campaign.

The reason why doing this will save you money is because there’s certain search terms that are related to the keywords of your campaign, but are being searched by people who aren’t your customers.

Let’s say for example that you perform computer repairs in Perth. When choosing your keywords, you include “computer repairs” as part of your campaign. In reality, these keywords may be included in searches that have nothing to do with your product or service. For example, someone might search “How to do your own computer repairs”. People searching this aren’t looking for your business, so you’re wasting money by advertising to them. Negative keywords allow you to filter out these people and thus, save money.

IP Exclusions

Have you ever looked at your own ad to make sure that it’s working fine? If so, you’ve cost yourself some money, increased your impressions, decreased your click through rate and subsequently, your quality score.

For some people this isn’t a big price to pay in order to ensure that their ad is working correctly. However, it doesn’t need to be a price at all. If you use the Ad Preview Tool you can view your ads without spending money and affecting your score.

Budget Tweaking By Device

Adwords allows you to see how your ad is performing on a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops etc). If you look under Devices in the Settings tab, you can see the clicks, converstions and other details about your ad.

Examining these details allow you to see which devices are performing well and which ones aren’t. If you see that you’re getting a solid click through rate on mobile but not on desktop, you can shift some of your budget over to mobile instead and use your funds wisely.

If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting what you want out of your Adwords campaign, try to use some of these techniques and get back on track!

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