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It seems like just yesterday when YouTube ads were non-existent. In the yester-year of ad-free videos we would just click frivolously from video to video, with no interruption halting our web experience.

But, those days are long gone and video marketers are now faced with a new challenge. People are so used to ads on their videos that they almost instantly tune them out as soon as they’ve begun. According to a recent study the average attention span for Internet users has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds now. This combined with the fact that 98 of AdAge’s Top 100 advertisers run campaigns on YouTube shows just how prevalent video marketing is today.

This means you better grab people’s attention FAST because their attention is waning by the second. The solution to this problem is simple: put the goods up first.

Think about it. Whenever you’ve been waiting for a YouTube video to load and an ad comes on you get anxiously impatient. The 5-second wait until the ad can be skipped feels like an eternity. You are only watching the ad until the “skip ad” message pops up. This is essentially what you have to work with when you are making a marketing video – a frustrated and impatient viewer.

A good place to start is to state the point of the video within the first couple of seconds. If your company is releasing a new product or service then start by flagging this right off the bat. Also make sure you define who you’re talking to. This is called qualifying your viewer. The more specific you get, the more effective your video will be. That way, you’ll lose the viewers who aren’t your core target audience and retain the ones you’re most likely to convert to a sale.

Next, choose your spokesman with care. A bad or boring Presenter can ruin even the best, most creative idea. Remember, first impressions make a lasting impression. Your presenter is your first point of contact with your potential customer, so they must be able to project your message well and make a positive impact. Spend time evaluating their persona, delivery style and whether they are the best representation of your brand. Most importantly, make sure you choose someone who your target audience can relate to and connect with.

Once you’ve got content and casting in place, it's time to get creative. The most effective videos are the ones that are fun, creative and most importantly, memorable. Video is an attention grabbing, emotionally engaging medium so make sure you use it to its full potential. Remember the golden rule: Keep It Simple. Don’t cram too much into one video. Try and focus on one topic per video. If you’ve got a lot to say, then consider multiple videos, or video episodes.

This will give you room to deliver your message creatively and you’ll be that much more likely to retain your audience till the end.

And finally, don’t forget a call to action. At the end of the day your video is designed to prompt an action from viewers. So don’t leave them hanging at the end. Guide them in the direction you want them to take. Your call to action must answer the unsaid viewer question, “So what do I do next?” Your video should answer this simply and clearly. Do you want them to log on to your website? Then direct them there with a URL and a click through. Want them to call you? Then provide a number to call and make sure you have the backend ready to capture the lead when they call.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million, says Forrester Researcher. Follow the tips above and you’ll be that much more likely to create a compelling video that captures your audiences’ attention and leads them one step closer to making a purchase

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