A Guide To Billboard Advertising Costs In Perth

A Guide To Billboard Advertising Costs In Perth

Potentially one of the oldest forms of advertising, billboards truly have a unique effect. They are big, bold and in-your-face and, when placed correctly, cannot be ignored. As an business owner, there’s something special about having your brand plastered up high for the world to see. 

  • 78% of Australians notice Outdoor Advertising each month.
  • 74% of Australians see Billboards every day, several times a week.
  • 46% of people believe Billboards bring new products to their attention.
  • 88% of Australians say brands on billboards stand out.

If you’re thinking about creating a billboard in Perth for your business, then you’ve come to the right blog. We’ll help you navigate the billboard world and understand what costs are involved.

But, before we get to billboard prices, we need to understand what factors are the main influences. 


The simple rule of billboards (and all advertising in general) is:

More eyes = more costs

This means that in order to show your billboard in higher trafficked areas (e.g. the digital billboard in Yagan Square), you’re going to have to pay more. The opposite is true for lower trafficked areas.

Now, there is nothing wrong with smaller-scale billboards (or adshels). When placed in the correct areas, they can still have an effect for a fraction of the cost.


Billboard size will affect the cost of billboard installation in Perth. Smaller billboards like Commute Live (formerly Adshel) will be much more cost effective than a large billboard on the Mitchell Freeway.

Billboard Design

Creating a design for your billboard is a step that shouldn’t be rushed. Your billboard needs to be bold, and also convey information succinctly. 

Because when people drive by in their cars, they don’t have a lot of time to take in your billboard. That’s why the message needs to be straight to the point.

In addition to this, your billboard has to look professional. A design agency can help you create a billboard that will get your message across in the most effective way. 

You could also potentially get a cheaper design by designing it yourself. However, we don’t recommend this as there is a delicate balance of space and content that needs to be achieved in order for the billboard to be effective. This can be tricky to achieve if you don’t have experience in design. 

Length of Time

The amount of time your billboard stays up will influence your costs. Whether it is one week or 1 month, the costs will vary. However, it is possible to get better deals if you book for a longer period of time (buying in ‘bulk’).


Billboards (6m x 3m) (4-week duration) – From $1000 and up*

Bus Backs (4-week duration) – From $7000 and up*

SuperSites (12.66m x 3.55m) (4-week duration) – From $7000 and up*

*Prices are indicative only. There are many factors that can affect the price of a billboard campaign, and it is best to contact us to get a more accurate number for your requirements.

Moving Forward

If you want to do some billboard advertising in Perth we recommend that you first meet with an agency to discuss your options. Billboards can be a tricky world to navigate and if you’re going to spend money, you want the best return on your investment.

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