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Google Adwords is undoubtedly one of the most powerful online advertising platforms today. Currently Google owns 64% of the online search market worldwide, which means that getting your Adwords campaign in the best shape possible is incredibly important.

However, Adwords works on a keyword bidding system. Essentially, the more a keyword is searched, the more expensive it is to buy for your campaign. As more and more companies start using Adwords, these prices are getting higher and higher – making it harder to budget for Google Adwords services.

This blog is about what you can do if you are seriously strapped for cash but want to include Adwords in your marketing repertoire.

The Keyword Myth

All we ever hear with Adwords is “keywords keywords keywords.” “Gotta make sure you get the right keywords!” “It’s all about more expensive keywords!” “Blah blah keywords!”

Now although keywords are important, there’s a keyword myth that needs to be stopped before it wrecks any more Adwords strategies. The myth goes as follows:

“When it comes to keywords, the higher the search volume the better.”– SEO Expert 2148.

In theory, the logic behind this statement makes sense right?

More searches = more views from customers = more conversions


In reality, this oversimplifies the process and neglects some key factors of Google Adwords services.

An Example – Gardening Perth

Let’s say you own a gardening company in Perth and you want to increase enquiries with an Adwords campaign. If you were to take a look at the highest searched terms in the Google Adwords interface for ‘gardening’, you would see this:


These are ranked by the in order of popularity (searches per month). Looking at this list, you might think,

“Look how many searches those top 5 words get! I should include them in my next campaign.”

If you chose to do that, you would be setting yourself up for failure (at a hefty price). Firstly, these search terms would cost you dearly every time you get a click ($14.95 per click is enough to eat up a lot of money in a very short amount of time). Secondly, it would be very unlikely that you would even get the right customers finding your ads.

Why? Because someone who is looking for gardeners in Perth isn’t going to just search the word “landscaping” into Google and expect the solution to pop up. People are much more specific when they are searching for things they need, and will usually write keywords that are much more specific to their needs. These searches on average, tend to have a lower amount of competition.

Why Choose Low Competition Searches?

Low competition searches don’t get as much volume as single keywords, but they get many more conversions and more bang for your buck. A campaign filled with many targeted, affordable low competition (or medium competition) searches will help you scoop up more customers and conversions at a fraction of the price

Let’s look at our example again. If we sort our keywords by ‘competition’ and then do a bit of searching for relevant keyword, we can find ones that are much better:




If you were to choose these keywords instead of the ones with more search volume, you would get much higher returns on your investment – for two reasons.

  1. The search terms are more relevant to your customers. By searching terms like these, you would avoid people who are just looking for photos of nice gardens, or ideas for their own garden. You would be targeting the people who want to find a gardener in Perth.
  1. You wouldn’t be competing with as many people. Because the majority of other companies are going to be snapping up the higher-searched terms, there’s a whole market they aren’t tapping into. By marketing yourself to those who are looking for a very specific thing, which is indicated by their very specific search, you get them all to yourself.

A Final Point

This approach only works if you take two things into consideration. The competition needs to be low and the search has to be relevant to your product. If you only include search terms that are low-competition but aren’t relevant to your product or service, you’re going to be marketing to the wrong people and wasting your money.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with including a few expensive high-competitions searches in your campaign too if they are relevant to your service and don’t blow out your budget. Making the most of Google Adwords services is a challenge to do on a budget, but it can be done!

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