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6 Ways To Increase Website Life Expectancy

The internet adapts and responds to user actions. The fact that your website is live does not mean that it is adapting. The less updated and optimized it is, the older and staler it becomes. It requires a manual process to keep it fresh and healthy.

This blog will go over the various optimization strategies you can use to keep your website up to date. These strategies should be implemented regularly, not just once a year or even quarterly. So, as long as you have a website, optimizing it will be an ongoing project.

Fresh And Consistent Content

Maintaining consistent and fresh content on your website is a big part of increasing your website’s lifespan. It is important to be consistent in what you share, how you share it, and when. Your content must be constantly superior to your competitors.


SEO allows you to increase the rank of your website on search engines. Google has updated its algorithms and will continue to do so in the future. Your website must keep up with these advancements.

Updating keywords is one aspect of SEO. Monitoring which keywords rank well and comparing them to search trends will help you understand which keywords to include in your new content. Be consistent with your keyword research and be aware of changing user trends to ensure longevity for your website.

Up To Date Security and Network Accessibility

Nothing hurts a brand’s reputation like a security breach or network outage. You want your users to believe that your website is a safe, secure, and dependable place for their data. Maintaining security and network accessibility is critical for extending the life of your website because it means investing in the long-term viability of your brand. Consistent security and network checks will assist you in identifying vulnerabilities in your system before others. You can either perform these tests manually or use tools to ensure the security of your website.


As new website design trends emerge, it is critical to maintain your website’s usability –that is, to ensure that your website is simple to use and navigate. Websites have different sets of objectives that they want their visitors to achieve. It could be a purchase, a form completion, or a download. Effective website usability means that users can easily complete the goals of your website. Websites that are unusable will not have repeat visitors.

To extend your website’s lifespan, make sure that you always make decisions with usability in mind. If usability becomes a problem, fix it as soon as possible. If a user visits your website and does not find what they are looking for, they’ll be less likely to return and give you another chance.

WordPress Updates

You must perform regular WordPress maintenance to extend the life of your website. WordPress performs minor updates automatically, but website administrators must perform larger updates. It is important to keep your WordPress version up to date. As time passes without an update, your plugins’ developers release newer versions, which eventually become incompatible with your WordPress version.


The Web Accessibility Initiative defines web accessibility as “websites, tools, and technologies designed and developed to enable people with disabilities to use them.” Our job as a website design and development company is to make the web as accessible as possible for everyone.

People with various disabilities, such as visual, auditory, cognitive, physical, speech, and others, may have difficulty accessing the internet. However, there is a widespread misconception that web accessibility only benefits people with disabilities. While this is true, it also benefits everyone. Users access the internet using various devices, screen sizes and internet connections. The goal of web accessibility is to provide everyone, regardless of their situation, with a positive user experience.

Wrapping Up

So those are a few common ways to help you increase your website life expectancy. You can also hire a team of experts from a digital market agency in Perth to maintain your website. To get a better idea of what we can do, take a look at our own website.

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