5 Social Media Marketing Myths

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Up from 58% the previous year, 63% of Australians used Facebook in October 2015. This number shows how more Australians are connecting online, and why social media is becoming more of an effective way for businesses to connect with their customers.

We wanted to explore some of the myths surrounding marketing on social media to help you avoid some of the mistakes that fellow business owners are making.

  1. The More Social Media Outlets You Join, The Better

When you first begin using social media to market your business, you’re presented with a plethora of different social media sites - the biggest one being Facebook. Most business owners join Facebook first before looking around for another outlet (something we would agree with). The question that normally follows is, “which ones should I join next?”

Depending on which blogs you read, you might be told that each social media outlet has its own set of “unique benefits” that are “completely exclusive”. You figure that if you want to give your business the best shot at succeeding, you need to join them all. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to do this.

That’s because a lot of social media outlets are either:

  1. Useless,
  2. In its infancy, or
  3. Not right for your business

So, coupled with the potential ineffectiveness of certain sites and the time commitment of managing 30+ platforms, joining multiple sites can actually be a detriment to your online efforts.

The only way to find out what works for your business is to give them a trial run and see how it goes. If you aren’t getting traction within a month, flick it off and try another one instead. Otherwise, stick to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and maybe a couple more.

  1. Social Media Marketing Is About Getting New Customers

While its true that you can use social media to attract new customers, research by DDB Worldwide states that 84% of your online followers are already existing customers.

This means that you’re already preaching to the choir and don’t need to bombard them with reasons why they should choose you over someone else. Instead, reward them with exclusive offers and deals to keep them loyal.

  1. Social Media Is All About Going Viral

We’ve all seen posts from little online businesses that contain a great piece of content that goes viral. While a viral video can be an amazing thing for your business, only a very small percentage ever gets a huge amount of traction.

You still might be thinking that although the chances of going viral are very small, it’s worth taking the chance. After all, viral posts get to more people right?

Not exactly. Although a viral video can reach many people, in reality only 10% of Facebook’s post reach comes from viral posts (socialbakers.com). whereas 77% comes from paid reach.

However, we still suggest you give it a try. Everyone buys a lottery ticket right?

  1. Giving Too Much Away Will Help Your Competitors

This is something we’ve heard from clients on occasion. They fear that the trade secrets they give away online will be stolen by competitors and then make them obsolete.

For example, if a cupcake company gives away one of their recipes as a promotion on Facebook, they may fear that another company will use their recipe.

While this fear is understandable, it is based in a mode of thinking that will hold your business back in the long run – that your business has a limit to the things it can offer.

In an ideal situation, your business should always be growing. When you are constantly offering new things to your customers, you don’t need to worry about someone taking your ideas. Because they can’t steal your creativity, which will always keep you one step ahead.

If you hold back helpful or captivating information from your customers, they will begin looking for a business that doesn’t.

  1. Social Media Marketing Is Free

Is signing up to a social media outlet free? Yes.

Is posting free? Yes.

Is getting your message to reach the right people free? Sometimes.

The growth of social media has given business owners an amazing opportunity to promote themselves online. But, this growth has also made it harder for businesses to stand out as it becomes saturated with more and more businesses trying to connect to people.

According to the Facebook For Business Facebook page, only 16% of business page posts actually reach their followers (some anecdotal evidence says it is closer to 3-5%).

So unless you want to try your luck at free posts, the other option is to use promoted posts (also known as paid posts). This is where you pay a fee to get your post out to more people. Facebook (and other sites) will prioritise these posts on a users newsfeed, to ensure that as many people see it as possible. Facebook claims that promoted posts will reach around 75% of the target audience specified for the campaign.

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