3 Ways To Optimise Your Landing Page

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If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “why is my landing page not converting?” then this is the blog for you. 

Due to the simplicity of landing pages, it’s easy to think that they don’t need a lot of effort. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A good landing page requires some attention to detail and a little TLC in order to convert. 

Your Landing Page Doesn’t Match Your Ad

Whether you’re using AdWords, Facebook or something else, you’re initially going to hook people in with an ad. 

It’s very important that the content and message of this ad is the same as the one as what’s on your Landing page. 

For example, if you offer lawn mowing services in Perth, then your ad shouldn’t list services that you don’t provide. This will end up disappointing the people who click onto your ad and make them not convert. In the process, you’ll annoy them too, as you’ve just wasted a bit of their time (and cost yourself money for the click in the process). Don’t do it!

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There’s Too Much Copy

A landing page is meant to inform your customers about your offer, in more detail than the ad that brought them there.

However, this is not a licence to go buck-wild with your text.

People have very short attention spans and simple will not read through giant blocks of text anymore. They want their text to be quick, easy and bite-sized.

Make sure you use plenty of headlines and images where you can, in order to keep things interesting and easy to read. 

It Takes Too Long To Load

So let’s say you’ve done everything perfectly. The website looks great, the messages are clear and relevant to the customer.

And then it takes 30 seconds to load…

You’ll see people click off faster than you can imagine. People have very little patience for slow loading pages. In fact, approximately 25% of users will click off of a page if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load. 4 seconds!

If your site is too slow, then you’ll need to optimise it to at least be under 4 seconds (1.5 seconds is considered fast).

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